Circle of Good Vibes


You ever see someone who’s very pleasant and joyful and think to yourself, “I want to be as happy as she is”? Well….

This woman, Debra, is the owner of a restaurant in downtown Burlington, VT called Revolution Kitchen. It is a vegetarian restaurant, but don’t let that throw you omnivores off. It was the most delicious food I’ve had. No one at my table was disappointed, trust me. Many of the dishes are Asian inspired, though the menu changes and there are varying specials. I had a DIVINE ravioli in a lemon garlic butter sauce, stuffed with (if I remember correctly) fig, pesto, and something else I can’t recall. SO. GOOD.

But the point of this post is not to be a food critic. It’s about the restaurant as a whole, and more importantly this woman.

The first thing I noticed about Debra, not knowing at first that she was the owner, was a tattoo on her right upper arm of the Buddha and a lotus. It was beautiful, and having a couple tattoos myself and very inspired by Buddhism, I complimented her on it. She was so thrilled and grateful, affirming the welcome vibes I got from her pleasant and content demeanor. She said “She’s been so good to me!” That part got me. She clearly felt like her life had been blessed and she was so happy because of that.

I could instantly tell that she was a happy, vivacious, welcoming, and just a wonderful human being. And that was incredibly infectious. When you smile the world smiles with you, right? Not because everyone simply wants you to be happy. In fact, most of the people on earth don’t give a damn whether or not you’re happy- they don’t know you exist. But because when you’re smiling, and welcoming, and open to the world, the world is happier, too. Smiles are contagious. And so the world will smile with you and you with it.

Debra has that effect on everyone who walks into that restaurant. Obviously the food is delectable but that is not the only thing central to a restaurant’s success. The ambiance is almost equally as important. Imagine a restaurant so tasty you wanna go every day but the environment is entirely toxic. Everyone is rude and in a mad rush. Not here! Everyone was so friendly. So happy. So lovely.

I told her I’d like to get a photo of her because of this and she was so touched and excited I wanted to spread those vibes. So keeping to my promise I am spreading those vibes. Just look at our faces! Those are not fake smiles. Those are the smiles of two joyous, delighted, and playful humans. And hopeful that inspires you!

Spread good vibes. Spread happiness. When you’re happy, others are happy, and when others are happy, you’re happy.

That’s what I’m officially dubbing this concept “The Circle of Good Vibes.”

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