Much Gratitude and Props

I would like to start by saying- if any of you readers are the fellow wine tasters I met in Vermont and asked to take a couple photos of, I have not developed my film yet, but your photo will be posted here as long as the film was good and as soon as I get it! I’m WICKED excited to see the final product, so I’m just as antsy as you!
THANK YOU so much for allowing me to photograph you.

And that goes along with my theme for this post. Gratitude. I just want to say thank you to those followers I have. Though ye be few… So far.

It means I’m being heard. And I am so grateful for that! I’m grateful for a lot of things, actually, and that has made me a happier person. When we accept the things in our lives that we cannot change, that we must accept for what they are, we start to appreciate the good things we DO have. That is a catalyst for our journey to recognizing who we are at our very center. In the deepest parts of our souls. (Notice I did not say to find or discover- remember we are not LOST to begin with, our true selves are not found, we emerge!) When we have the courage to accept, and more importantly to love, who we are and who others are at their core, we bring out happiness and gratitude in the entire world. We are comfortable in our own skin.

We must believe in, make peace with, and appreciate who we are.

Key word: appreciate.

I am a firm believer that goodness, happiness, and positivity are always twice (if not more) as strong, as wickedness, sadness or anger, and negativity. And that starts with being grateful for life itself, even when we feel at our worst and as if the universe were against us. Good vibes and a bright smile are the strongest weapons against any kind of evil.

And it’s so nice to know that people out there agree. It’s so gratifying to know that you’re not the only person in the world who thinks like that. And props to you and me and all the other people in the world strong and courageous enough to get out there and stand their ground and express this belief. We must keep it going!!! You don’t have to be some famous or rich person to spread this kind of a message! That’s what this blog is all about. So spread it! Spread this blog, and yours, your message, your happiness and goodness and positivity. Be strong and be happy and strut yer stuff.

Let’s create a community of happy, strong, confident, courageous, grateful, positive, creative, life-loving, negativity-fighting, smiling, laughing, infectious people.

Negative Vibes NOT allowed.

Negative Vibes NOT allowed.

Show the world who you are- all the love and gratitude you possess.

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