A Taste of Life


As promised:

I crossed paths with this lovely group of people at Shelburne Vineyard in Shelburne, Vermont. I had gone with a couple friends for a tasting and I had my 35 mm Pentax with me. I just loved everything I was seeing. The light coming in through the back window, shining off the wine glasses, complimenting the big smiles on their faces. I think that someone amongst them was graduating college that weekend- they definitely seemed to be celebrating something. Maybe they were simply celebrating life. I know I was! Not only was the wine delicious, but the atmosphere was so inviting, and to share that space with friends and fellow celebrators was a blessing. I asked them if I could take their photo for my blog and they were happy to oblige! I am very grateful for that and hopefully they see this and like how the photos turned out (It took me 3 different CVS’s and 8 days to finally get them developed).

I know I’m oddly sentimental. Maybe I’m just more open about it than most other people. Why shouldn’t we be? An afternoon of tasting wine to me is not just some way to pass the time, or only for special occasions. It is a taste of life, a celebration of life, and all the great things life provides for us. Things like juicy grapes made into a satisfying beverage that, when consumed, makes you want to celebrate life even more! I almost always prefer a good beer, but wine is wonderful product of life as well.

Let’s not wait for “special” occasions to celebrate. Whether it is sunny or raining, you’ve had a fantastic, horrible, or just plain boring day. Whether you’ve gained something or lost it. We are breathing, we are here, we are living. Having a drink with friends or family or both- be it beer, wine, gin and tonic, martini, whatever your poison- THAT, in my opinion, is a setting for a great many good laughs. The kind of side splitting laughter that leaves you doubled over and clutching your abdomen, sore out of your mind, as if you’d just done 500 crunches. And it’s equally as great a workout!

Pour a glass, laugh at everything- your mistakes, your achievements, that time you tried to climb a tree and ripped a gigantic hole in the crotch of your pants. Life will never be perfect and we have every right to be upset when something goes wrong, but we always have the ability to make a perfect moment. Those moments are what I toast to.

Cheers, mates!


(Coincidence? I think not!)

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