Pretend You Could Have Anything!


Many cheers to Bill Watterson, author of the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. Calvin has the best insight into this world- possibly more than I’ve seen in most adults.

This one is my favorite. Both Calvin AND Hobbes are correct. We SHOULD think big and pretend we could have anything. We should be dreamers! We should aim high! But sometimes, the best and biggest things we could ever possibly wish for in this world are the simplest ones. And the simple dreams are sometimes the ones that make us the happiest. Money can only go so far, but a big sunny field where you can bask in warmth offers the happiest feeling- a memory that you can hold on to forever and always return to.

Oh, and the last frame perfectly sums up my philosophy on why we should laugh and smile and in turn be happy.

You can’t argue with a happy person.

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