A Fortune Cookie

I’m not one to believe that every little thing happens for a reason. I think some do and some don’t.

But, I believe in psychics and ghosts. Or, at the very least, I am very open to the idea.
I’ve had my palms read and had a tarot card reading and both seemed to have a balance of general info that you could probably sense in the way I dress/act/respond/carry myself and things that are near impossible to guess. Real? Fake? I don’t care it was a fun experience.I watch Ghost Hunters- I’ve seen almost every episode. Seriously. I love it. I love the idea that our souls are energy and we attach ourselves to some thing or some place that was so important to us. (I could think of a couple places I would haunt, haha) Real? Fake? I don’t care it’s fun to watch.

I believe that every thing is energy. We are energy. Our thoughts are energy. Our emotions are energy. And that is why happy people attract and create other happy people.

And while I don’t believe a fortune cookie from a Chinese Food place will actually tell you what your fortune is, I do love when you get one that unfailingly applies to your life/work/ambitions.

So yes, I believe in this one.

Not only because it was very serendipitous that of the five fortune cookies that lay on the table I was the one to grab this one. Not only because it happens to spell out a major foundational message of this blog. But above all because it is simply true. Externally we will encounter all manner of disappointments, but internally is where we all find true happiness.

I believe in some silly things. I take part in some silly things. I love a lot of silly things. Because it brings me true happiness. We cannot rely on others to give us something to believe in or to make us happy. We cannot deny that happiness is instinctual. We cannot force it, but it must arise from true interest and care for something.That is why we can only find it within ourselves. Those silly things bring me pure enjoyment. Being a goofball and laughing at stupid things and believing in something like ghosts brings me pure enjoyment. And it is not the things itself which makes me happy, but that sense of enjoyment that I allow myself to indulge in.

So look inside and be happy.


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