Me Will Eat a Cookie

<!-Some moments in life make you think “All I want right now is a freakin’ cookie….”

Living in the woods is a tough business. Running a Boy Scout camp is a tough business. I have been entirely off the radar for about three weeks. I have been so stressed I cried, but this place brings out the best in me. I’ve worked at Camp Squanto in Plymouth, MA (America’s Hometown) every summer since 2008. Impressive for a girl, but I have to say I’ve learned some of the most valuable lessons that most people learn too late in life:

1) Handle everything with an appropriate amount of humor

2) Be a goofball.

3) Plan B is Plan A with a rain jacket.


5) You’re never going to be loved by everyone. No matter how nice, grateful, courteous, giving, friendly, welcoming, hardworking, intelligent or all around awesome you are- some people won’t like you. As long as you are actually all those things, that’s their problem, not yours- move on.

6) Always always always BE HAPPY. Especially when dealing with difficult people. They want to see you lose your cool, but if you’re always gracious and happy you will always win. And it will be hilarious to watch their tactic blow up in their own face.

7) Perfection doesn’t exist when it comes to people. We are not perfect, but that’s what makes us so lovable and wonderful (yay personality quirks!). Sometimes you’ll be working so hard on something, it will blow up in your face, and you’re going to want to scream, cry, punch someone, give up, or worse, but that’s too easy. Challenge yourself and just let it go and eat a cookie instead.

The moments in my life that make me eat cookies are these- when I’m so tired, overworked, and stressed that I can’t think, but I know, somehow, there’s a major part of me that is still amazingly happy and excited.


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