There’s Not Enough Time!

I hear it time and time again and I must admit that I’m guilty (why do you think I haven’t posted in a month? I haven’t had enough time while working at summer camp!) but I was at this work conference for Scouting and how we can better promote membership in the Boy Scouts and we were talking about the excuse that families have: “there’s not enough time to make all those meetings!” And you know what? I don’t blame them. But it’s such a worthwhile program that you SHOULD invest your time in it!

That got me thinking about… Well… Everything else in my life that I say I don’t have time for. I always talk about how we need humor everyday to get us through life. I’ve had a good deal of bad news in my personal life lately and the only thing saving me is the humor of all those goofs on my staff at camp. But I’ve realized that also… We need to take advantage of the time we have… Go ten minutes? Meditate. Got a free day? Go on a long hike. Got a free weekend? Go camping. GET OUT THERE.

The world is constantly changing, adapting, shifting and if we don’t act now, it will pass right by us. We may not have a lot of time, but we have enough to make the changes necessary in our lives not only for our own benefit and sanity, but the generations after us who will benefit from the changed we make.

Make the most of your time, for your sake and others.

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