As some of you may already know, I spend my summers at a Boy Scout camp. The most unique experiences I’ve ever had and the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in life have all happened there. Bust most importantly, the funniest things I’ve ever heard have come from the mouths of those 10-17 year old boys (You could only imagine).

My personal favorite, however, was not some nonsensical or inappropriate statement. It was actually quite profound:

When life hands you lemons… make orange juice and leave the world wondering how.

I mean… come on that’s hilarious! Goofy as all heck, but totally makes you think… everyone expects “make lemonade” so why not take whatever unlucky lot you’ve been given by the universe and turn in into something completely and utterly surprising. Don’t just try to find the good in it… BE UNEXPECTED. Determination is marvelous thing, and if you use your mistakes, shortcomings, or bad luck to your advantage, who knows where you’ll end up in life? You’ll surely make a mark on the world…

Or of course, you could make limoncello instead of lemonade… it’s quite delicious.

Painting by Tina Petersen, on etsy.com

Painting by Tina Petersen, on etsy.com

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