Today is Good.

I read that in a book about Zen, but I also heard that from my best friend. In college, when she knew I was down, she would ask me what good things happened in my day, in order for me to look at the positive and not the negative. When I saw her this weekend she gave me homework related to that, since we no longer live in the same state/see each other every day.

She told me to keep a little notepad or a notebook next to my bed so that every night I can write down on the pad what good things happened that day. And I can’t remember if she told me to do this or not, but I’m going to read the previous day’s every morning when I wake up to remind myself that good things do happen every day.

It was very similar to the Zen book. Every day is good because we are alive and present in it. Every life is precious so simply put, just being present makes every moment of every day special. My friend and I know, however, that some days that’s just very hard to recognize. And that’s why I have my homework.

So far today?

I drove 3 and a half hours from my getaway weekend in Vermont straight back to work with absolutely no hiccups! I even passed a New Hampshire State Trooper (and man are they strict) quite obviously speeding and he didn’t pull me over! (Don’t tell my mom that, though…)

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