Don’t give up on imagination. Ever. Or youth. Or fantastical dreams. Acknowledge reality, but still dream on.

I just felt the need to share that message today.. so here’s a poem I wrote in college, updated to reflect my current age. I call it Neverland:


I’m growing older every day,
but I’m never growing up.
Because although it may make you wiser,
age is no guarantee of maturity.
23 years young and a song on my tongue,
learning more than any school could teach.
I wrote this poem in crayon, you see,
Burnt sienna to be exact,
Because life’s so much more interesting
when it’s not written in black!
But really now, I am a lost boy-
No, I’m Peter Pan and I’m never goin’ home.
Second star on the right and straight on til morning!
So I’m soaring and exploring
and enjoying every minute in Neverland.

I’m never growing up I say,
Because no one rolls in the grass anymore,
And no one just eats what they want anymore,
And no one double dog dares anymore,
So the frozen flagpole at the playground remains unlicked,
Because the kids have all grown up.

So here I am and I’m running free,
Jumping in puddles, and wild as a child,
Staring at clouds and climbing trees,
‘Cause I’m never growin’ up, I say,
Even if I’m growing older every day.


Pixie Dust

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