Me Manifesto

Do you guys remember that episode of Boy Meets World where they flash forward to their imaginary college reunion? The show in general was the most hilarious, most awesome show of my childhood. I watch reruns just for the laughs. So much laughs. But this particular episode had this flash forward because in the current year, they were all fighting (over petty things, of course), so the flash forward follows:

Everyone is so unhappy, but Eric walks in, a hermit who married a moose and calls himself Plays With, last name Squirrels. Everyone thinks he’s the most ridiculous, yet he’s the happiest, because this gigantic book he’s holding is what he calls his “Manifesto” (Personally my favorite part is just the way he says it- in a half whisper “me manifestoooo” haha). But anyway… in it is the Secret to Life. Jack takes the book from him and it’s entirely empty- thousands of large pages and they’re all empty, except the first one, which contains only one phrase; it is by far the most powerful piece of advice that I have ever heard.

Lose One Friend

I will never forget the lessons I learned from it, and again… the laughs. Sure, some of it was fairly unrealistic (meeting your soul mate in 6th grade and getting engaged at High School Graduation??), but it actually contained the most valuable experiences and I think I’m a better person because of that show. Family, Friends, Love. What else in life is more important? To Eric, nothing was.

Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself.

-Eric Matthews, Boy Meets World

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