To All You Gym Rats

This is addressed to all athletic, fit, toned, built, and any other word to describe any in shape, people….

Having been told by my doctor that I am “heavy, pushing overweight” and need to make some healthier choices, I know what it’s like to not be a fitness junkie or a gym rat. I try to stay active- I enjoy outdoor activities, especially hiking and long walks on wooded trails; I run intervals occasionally. I’m pretty strong for a young lady and always have been, so I’m very proud of that. And don’t get me wrong.. I love my natural shape. Like, to be real, it’s pretty perfect. But I digress….

I’m not here to make a diary of my weight loss endeavors, but rather trying to explain that I know what it’s like to be uncomfortable in your own skin as you try to jog- huffing and puffing after only 2 minutes, while other, incredibly fit, runners pass you on their 5th mile as if there’s no stopping them- or as you push yourself on the elliptical on the lowest setting after a mere 7 minutes next to some overachiever on their 50th minute, going so hard they may be wearing out the machine. I’ve been told by some (in shape) people to just “envision it for yourself and imagine you are those people” or to use them as motivation. But you know what? It’s scary. It’s disappointing if you can’t see the results fast enough. Habits also die very… very… hard. And not all fitness gods and goddesses seem very welcoming.

So all you marathon-running, weight-lifting, cross fit-training, itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini-wearing people out there… Many of you are very supportive of those people trying to lose weight and working hard and I’m so very, wonderfully appreciative of that. Really. Thank you so much, you’ve know idea how much that means to people in the midst of that struggle… but to those who aren’t… quit the judgements, dudes. It’s not only rude, it’s toxic. It’s all that negative energy- we sense it. We see it in your eyes, even without you saying a word to us. And it’s likely to set us back. When you see one of those huffers and puffers on the trail or at the gym, send some positive energy their way instead of thinking “poor girl, she’s so overweight” or “how could someone be that heavy?” How’s that supposed to help us? Say a prayer for us, give us a smile or a “hello” if you pass us. Say “good for you, keep going!” with your eyes, instead of “ew.” Harness your good juju and wish it upon us. We need it. And when we achieve our goals we will remember every time someone treated us kindly or gave us the slightest motivation, and maybe that will cause us to send some more positive energy your way.

That’s my thought for today… I kicked butt (huffing and puffing) on an interval run this morning (I jokingly call it “wunning”… you know… running and walking.. hah!), so it’s a thought weighing heavily on my mind at the moment.


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