A Million Things

Another lesson from Hobbes:

Don’t be that guy.


Simply put, don’t be that guy that complains all the time. The negative energy you put out is extremely toxic, bringing down the mood for everyone else. Is it really so necessary to complain about every little thing that bothers us? Don’t get me wrong… I’m guilty of the occasional vent session, sometimes about trivial things… But there has to be a point where we stop. There has to be a point when we look in the mirror and say “enough,” because we’re not changing anything. Or if we are, we’re just making the matter worse.

“My roommate left her dishes in the sink again!”
Then tell her (in a kind and polite manner) you would appreciate it if she would wash them. Then get over it.

“The coffee shop never makes my coffee right!”
Then you can either save the money and make your own… or get over.

“The walls in my apartment building are so thin, I can never sleep!”
Well then, buy some earplugs and get over it.

“I always get stuck behind the slowest drivers!”
At least they’re not running you off the road, so enjoy your leisurely drive and extra time to meditate on the blessings in your life… and get over it.

I don’t mean to say “Get over it” with a rude tone, but in a helpfully firm tone. When I say “get over it” I want you to picture a hill… it’s an obstacle and a tough uphill journey, but once you get over it, it’s an easy downhill coast from there. And I understand that some people don’t change their habits, which is annoying, and some people purposely try to get a rise out of others, which is annoying… But if you’re the better person and move on and get over it, you end up winning. Not letting the trivial annoyances in our everyday life bother us is probably the greatest like skill to develop, because we can then focus on the larger things in life that are most important to us.

We are better, and more importantly happier, human beings when we can look at what usually annoys us and say “Hm. Annoying. But not the end of the world,” and move on. Wouldn’t you rather let positivity, not negativity, rule your life?

“But Alex, I try so hard to do that and I’m still annoyed!”

Then keep trying…. and get over it.


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