Messages From The Universe

I was never the kind of person who thought that things happen for a reason; life is life and stuff happens… but as I grew older I started thinking that it was kind of depressing to think that way. Even when really bad things happen, believing they were just coincidence was more sucky than thinking there was a reason to it. (Granted… Not all bad things are on purpose; some things are simply a tragedy.)

My life feels like a whirlwind right now; I’m stuck inside a tornado, unable to get my feet on the ground or find something sturdy to hold on to. But something keeps telling me, something deep in my gut, that it’s not just coincidence. I feel like there are all these tiny little signs, things happening- small things- propelling me to keep going into the tornado and see where it takes me.

So when my daily motivational calendar’s messages started to get extremely relevant to my current situation I started to get freaked out. The last two days were crazy stressful, but on those two mornings I woke up to change days only to find these:



My message today:

Don’t ignore the positive energy that’s trying to break through the wall you put up when you’re sad or angry or lonely or stressed. Take them as they come and enjoy them for the small signs they are that someone loves you, that things will be okay, that they already ARE okay. A smile from a stranger, hearing a baby laugh, or noticing a cloud that looks like the state of California. Allow yourself to laugh at life’s small “coincidences” and know that the Universe, God, whatever you believe in, is looking out for you.

You are always ok.

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