The Next Move

As I’m about to make my next big move in life, moving into my first REAL apartment (college apartments don’t really count), I find myself watching the show Friends more and more and more. And right now, I have never found myself more in need of the deep, booming, belly laughs that leave my sides in stitches that every episode induces. Thank God for Netflix! Just last night I watched the “pivot” episode and realized the complications that I am about to face from trying to squeeze my surplus of belongings, which I will no longer be able to store in my parents’ basement, into a much smaller space. And that’s when I realized that the challenges I will face really are spelled out in that theme song. I will be broke. My job is crazy stressful. I will begin to date, which I have been awkwardly avoiding since college, though I don’t know why.

This really is your twenties. Making mistake after mistake. Living pay check to pay check. Figuring out what career moves you may or may not want to make. Putting yourself out into the world with the possibility of heartbreak. And all largely without a fallback plan. And you know what? Forget college, forget high school; I am certain and comforted by the fact that I’m about to embark, truly, on what is going to be the GREATEST time of my life. And that is all the more reason for me to truck on, and do the best with what I’m dealt, and have a sense of humor, and self induce those deep belly laughs, and lean heavily on my own friends as we all figure out how to live broke in Boston and scrape by…. and PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOTTTTTT!!!!!!!



  1. Oh this is fantastic – anything with a friends reference is fantastic!

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