As usual, the Universe is screaming at me today. I woke up in a horrible mood, slept in, became a mad person running around in the kitchen, dropping crap, spilling liquids, freaking out, and cursing like a sailor. But… Why was I freaking out? If I got into work a little late it wouldn’t matter, because I have such a flexible schedule that I could just make it up later. At least I didn’t have a meeting or an important phone call. So half way through getting dressed, my bedside day-to-day calendar caught my eye as the light reflecting of a passing car crossed over that corner of my room. Ripping off yesterday’s motivational message, my heart beat a little extra hard as I saw this:



To quote my good friend Billy, aka Dr. Horrible, “What a crazy random happenstance!”

The process of life is bound to be hectic, my friends. Just because we focus on the positive things and the laughter and try to be mindful of everything so that we don’t get lost in our emotions doesn’t mean it won’t get bat crap crazy sometimes. Just roll with it. Be with it. Breathe with it. It’s called a “process” for a reason.

But whether it IS a crazy random happenstance… or something I was meant to read…. I’ll leave that to you to decide.

Peace and laughter and love, good people, I’m off to experience a process.

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