Graduation Season

The reality of college graduation these days is… 

Most graduates, mostly of the various humanities majors, are currently freaking out about what they’re going to do with the rest of their lives. It hit me that I graduated two whole years ago… TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO!!! I graduated with a degree in English and Art History (or, as most people in my life called it,”majoring in not getting a job”), and here I am, against all odds, in a steady job, making enough money to live comfortably in an apartment in Boston, and enjoying my life. I am a success story, and these graduates can be, too.

The second reality is… 

This is not, strictly speaking, an English or Art History related career path. I may stay in it, I may not. For the foreseeable future this is what I want to do. Youth development is exactly what I’ve always wanted to influence and now I can. I still use some of my knack for the arts, and my experience and the skills I am developing will prepare me for anything I wish to do.

So my advice to these graduates is to face and embrace the realities. It is scary not knowing. Terrifying, in fact. You may get your dream job, but most likely you will have to start somewhere else. But you are MEANT to face uncertainty and you are MEANT to meet these challenges with excitement! What is life without these essential qualities of adventure?! Explore your options, be patient, jump in. Hell, go all all out and do a cannoball if you want to! Be uncertain. You will be afraid, you will be successful, you will celebrate; you will laugh and you will cry. 

This time of not knowing where the hell your life is going is the most fun you will ever have. Take it in. Enjoy it. Bask in it.


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