What you learn from a two year old

I recently got to spend four amazing days with my long distance nephew. It just happened to be at the time of both our birthdays, so it felt like a very special time, and because of that I tried to get the most out of every single moment I had with him. I made sure that all we did was have fun. He turned 2… I turned 24… 

From entering what you can officially call your mid-twenties, to realizing that you’re a whole decade older than some of your summer camp staff, I’ve been going through that “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” phase of growing up. But my nephew was able to teach me a little bit about that.

1) Laugh at yourself.

There is no harm in looking in the mirror, especially at tough times, and giving yourself a smile. If you think you’re funny, that’s all that matters for your own happiness.

2) Also laugh at stupid stuff.

He kept grabbing my finger to lead me somewhere instead of taking my hand, so I would pull back and make a fart noise. So when my sister asked me a week later if I taught him the “pull my finger” trick (he randomly did it to his doctor!), I couldn’t deny my pride. Only his version is to pull your finger and HE makes the noise.

3) Mommy’s love is the best love.
The way he lit up whenever he saw my mom was the most love I think I could ever possibly see in someone’s eyes. And the way she looked right back was just as strong. I know that’s how I feel when I see our mom.

4) Laughter really is contagious.

When he would laugh at something I would laugh back. Then he would laugh. Then I would laugh. And so on and so forth. And it would get louder and louder and we would laugh until our cheeks hurt. Everything is funnier when you can share it.

5) Most importantly, don’t lose that laughter as you grow up.

Your inner child is the most important thing to have in order to stay happy in life. If you ever start to fear your age, or feel down, or feel stuck, give yourself a dose of two-year-old humor. 

Here’s a taste:


Laugh on, my friends.

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