I’m Fighting Radio Silence

Up until last week I know I kinda went radio silent for a little while. I think I was struggling to find any words or thoughts, because I was struggling with myself. I was beginning to lose sight of what I was here for, alive for. But I believe in signs from the universe. Some people believe in God, achieving Enlightenment, Allah, The Great Spirit- all valid beliefs- and though I don’t always know what I believe in, I believe in SOMETHING. I believe there is some higher power, some energy or spirit, in the universe guiding us and giving us something to believe and a better way to live; it gives us hints, nudges, bright neon signs, drops us a note here and there that we too often ignore.

I started noticing them again last week, which led to my “Solution” post. I couldn’t tell you exactly what they were, but they were there, calling me back to this blog, albeit not a widely read one, to persevere.

This is what I’m here for:

To give hope. Encourage faith. To remind people that we are one human race made to feel, love, think, experience life in a way that no other creature on this earth can boast of.

And then Paris happened. Part of me believes that these signs were nudging me into starting to write again because the universe knew what was happening and knew that people needed to start spreading love and encouragement, and knew that I needed to feel like my voice, no matter how small, was important and needed to get out there- the reason I started this blog. So I will keep it up. I will keep going. I won’t give up and I won’t stop using my voice to remind people to love and to hope and to have faith, even when we look at the rest of the human race and feel disgusted with all the evil in the world and how selfish we feel people can be sometimes. I will persevere and persist and bug the crap out of people until I feel I’ve gotten through to them… which will be hard.

I’ve continued to receive signs- yes, I consider fortune cookies to be signs *sometimes*- and I’ve kept my ears and eyes open to them. I’m a highly sensitive person and I find myself extremely and deeply affected by the events and experiences of these last few days. I’m encouraged, and I encourage you, to never give up and spread the love.

And as I near the end here I’m finding myself asking “Why the hell are you even writing this? Why do your readers need to see this?” Honestly? I don’t know. Maybe you don’t. Maybe I’m writing this because I need to be reminded of it. Either way, I feel it important to share and important for people to at least know that hey…. I’m comin’ for ya. I’m comin’ to spread the love, man, so BE PREPARED (throwing in some Boy Scouts Motto there).

I won’t be radio silent anymore.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

My signs:



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