I know it seems backward, but…

We all have those days.

We all have those “oh, God it’s Monday,” “why do I have to go to work,” or “can’t I catch a break?!” kind of days. Even if you LOVE your job. Having one right now? I feel ya.

I just got back from vacation where I spent Thanksgiving in North Carolina at my parents’ house, during which I got to spend a few days spoiling my 2 year old nephew, found out my brother is [finally] engaged, see one of the coolest Christmas lights festivals EVER, and made the bold decision to start reinventing myself…. starting with chopping off 10 inches of hair….

I did not want to leave.

So when I got to work yesterday and started trying to play catch up, interrupted every so often by another issue popping up or remembering a task that I had forgotten, I started getting EXTREMELY frustrated. Like one of those stereotypical “your job’s a joke, your broke, your love life’s DOA” moments. I had to take a step back and more than a few breaths. But when I decided to be a little more mindful instead of letting myself get caught up in all those emotions I realized how GRATEFUL I am for yesterday and all it’s obstacles.

It may seem backwards, but…
I’m pretty excited to have a day like that…

When I was 18, I was never able to imagine a future for myself. I didn’t believe I had a place in the “real world.” I never had a handle on my emotions, refused to accept or admit I could even possibly MAYBE have a mental illness/disorder, and truly thought that I wouldn’t even survive college. It was terrifying to think of myself trying to hold a “real job” living in a “real apartment” trying to pay “real bills” and filing “real taxes.” But this is real. My job, my apartment, my roommates, student loans, car loan, car insurance, electric bill, gas bill, conferences and conference calls, and out-of-state business trips, and even a work trip to ICELAND. That I’m IN CHARGE OF. It’s all as real as the keys under my fingertips as I type. I’m doing it, folks. I’m living in the “real world,” struggles and all. When I go home from work and unlock the doors to my apartment not once have I failed to think “this ain’t my parents’ place. This is MY place.”

I know it seems weird, but it’s the same kind of feeling you get when you’re able to travel to a country you never thought you’d actually get to and when you step off that plane and look around and realize you’re really there, it’s this surreal emotion, like the most realistic dream you’ve ever had. Only you won’t wake up, because you’re really there.

I’m really here. And I don’t want to forget that or overlook that and I don’t think ANYONE should. No matter how tough a day you’re having. This is me. This is my life. This is real.

Every bad day is also a good day. Don’t focus on the negative parts of it, but focus on the fact that you survived it, that you are strong enough to survive the next one, and that better days WILL come, especially if you focus on the positive. Your energy will change and soon you’ll find that every day has potential, even through the struggles, to be your best day yet. Now excuse me while I power through today so that I can go home, pour myself a glass of wine, get in the bath, and melt my stresses away while I listen to some festive and uplifting Christmas music and count the days until I can see my family again.


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