Laughing at Myself

Posing a deeply philosophical question here…

What’s the harm of laughing at yourself?

No, really, think about it. I am totally 100% not perfect and I do some pretty idiotic things sometimes. I’ve said things that I immediately regret on account of their aloofness. Is aloofness a word? And there have been so many times that I could have beaten myself up and left myself feeling like a stupid asshole, and sometimes I do, but I instead try very hard to just laugh it off.

Today I realized that in making a Christmas present, a piece of bottle cap art on a bulletin board I bought from Target, I realized that I did it upside down (according to where the holes are drilled in for hanging)… And I was like… super stressed about doing that project right…

For a long time, because I was born and raised and still live around the Boston accent, I thought that Daenerys Targaryen’s husband’s name from Season 1 of Game of Thrones was Carl Drogo, not Kahl Drogo… and I remember thinking “well that’s a stupid name”…

I once walked head first into a parking meter on one of the most heavily populated streets of Boston in broad daylight…

I STILL will jump from my doorway into my bed after shutting off the light to avoid getting grabbed by whatever creatures may be lurking from beneath it (even though there is so much crap stuffed under there a mouse couldn’t fit)…

So what’s the harm in laughing at myself?

I argue that not only is there no harm, but there are immense benefits. A laugh or smile can have an immediate reaction in your brain, drastically improving your mood. Having a lighthearted attitude attracts positive people into your life (and makes you more attractive to others). Letting go of petty problems leaves room in your life for… well… pretty much anything… while regret, dwelling, and overall distraction leaves little room for any other positive thoughts, dreams, relationships, or motivation.

So do yourselves a favor… laugh on, my friends.

There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.
-Amy Poehler

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