An Open Invitation to Laugh

At me. At your friend. Yourself.

This is an open invitation to laugh at anything that makes you. Or even just smile. I have a very stressful job, but you know what gets me through the day? The laughs between coworkers. There has, at times, been sadness in my life, but what got me through it? The family and friends who make me smile.

Today’s post is just a reminder that we need that. We need the laugh and we need the smile, and what better time for that reminder than Friday afternoon, going into the weekend (perhaps for some a long weekend), so that we can enter that time in a great and joyful mood, full of laughter and life. So think of whatever it is that makes you smile or laugh and do just that. Whether it’s a memory, a joke, a picture, at your own expense, or someone else’s, take the time to laugh today 🙂

But just in case you’re having trouble thinking of anything, here are some examples of what puts a smile on my face:

-You know I fell off of a moving golf cart once? Like, full on running in place trying to keep myself from falling only to slam into a couple rocks (I still have a bump on my thigh 2 years later). Yeah… that hurt.
-I have a scar above my eye from stitches- because I got whacked (accidentally) in the face with a wooden baseball bat when I was three… by my sister… She still maintains that I should have been watching where I was going and I still maintain that I WAS THREE YEARS OLD.
-If you’re from Boston, watch the video of Tom Brady in a sporting goods store:
-I snort (unapologetically) when I laugh really hard
-A joke: So there was this dyslexic guy who walked into a bra.
-and the following images:


And in honor of President’s Day:



Laugh on, my friends.


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