The Right Medicine

Once again, I’ll emphasize the power of humor. Do you want to start every day with dread and a frown? Or do you want a chuckle? No matter how small the chuckle, it’s far more likely to affect your day. And with positivity, no less! My go to humor guru is Stephen Colbert:



Just a Little Laugh

I’m having one of those days where I’m just coffee’d up, tons of work, gettin’ it all done. I’m on a roll! It feels great, since I’ve had a few off weeks. Keeping yourself busy in times like that is great. You feel accomplished, you’re distracted from some of those more negative emotions, and it’s less you have to do later!

But you know what’s MUCH more important to your sanity and mental well-being? Humor and smiling and taking a quick break from it all to enjoy something small. A good long laugh a day keeps the doctor away, I like to say. (Rhyming is such child’s play)

This one is so simple, but it’s such a good chuckle.

Have a laugh on me:

Kudos to whomever thought of this one!

Kudos to whomever thought of this one!