Just Give Yourself a Giggle

Every now and then, you see something that just makes you giggle. I mean REALLY giggle- uncontrollably, belly shaking, possibly snorting. And usually at the stupidest things that would otherwise only give you a slight smirk. My theory is that this is because you happen to really need it at that moment. Your body and mind are begging for some positivity and therefore induce childish laughter at almost anything. This is at least what’s been happening with me. I’ve been stalking the Humor section of Pinterest cracking up at EVERYTHING. Why stop? Continue until you feel better! 

This is what REALLY did it for me… Because I can also totally relate: 



The Right Medicine

Once again, I’ll emphasize the power of humor. Do you want to start every day with dread and a frown? Or do you want a chuckle? No matter how small the chuckle, it’s far more likely to affect your day. And with positivity, no less! My go to humor guru is Stephen Colbert:


Be Silly.

Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

As you can tell in my main page photo, which is of me and my best friend, I’m a goof (and so is she) and we love to laugh. So I added this quote to another photo of us, because it’s just too perfect (we are pretending to pick the nose of a statue of Freud- he was not my favorite to study in college, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity). It is of the utmost importance in life to have at least one friendship in which you can be silly. Without laughter, what have we in life?



What Madness!

There will be times in your life when you begin to question everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Why you majored in [insert your college major here], or why you chose that college to begin with. Maybe it’s why you chose to not go to college at all. Why you didn’t try harder to make that relationship work when you did try so hard on that other one. The clothes you picked out this morning or what you had for breakfast. It’s madness!

Some people only go through this a couple times their whole lives while others suffer from these second guesses multiple times a week and there’s no controlling it. Alas, it happens to everyone… Welcome to this thing we call life. It’s a real b!tch.

Those are the times to laugh. You can’t change everything, but if you laugh at it, the more ridiculous it becomes. And hey, at least you cared. Caring means you know how to feel. We all feel. We are all mad. We are all childish. And stubborn. And critical (of ourselves and others). And some times more than others…. we are idiots. The argument could actually be made that human beings at all times are idiots, just to lesser or greater degrees… but that’s not the point. The point is that if we continue to fret constantly over everything in our lives we forget to enjoy it. We forget to find the funny. We forget to laugh and get carried away with whimsy. We forget that above all the most important thing in our day is to smile. I mean, if the generation above me could survive 80s fashion I’m sure I can survive a coffee stain on my blouse.

Madness: “extremely foolish behavior” or “a state of frenzied or chaotic behavior”, thank you Google.

Madness is a sign that you are not a robot, that you feel. That’s what it means to be a human being. And that’s why we need to laugh. That’s why we need to embrace our madness in the face of second guessing and regret and say “Oh well! I guess it’s time to move on to my next mad adventure!” Or else, we run the risk of becoming one of those unfeeling robots who think the sole purpose of life is to move through it as efficiently and perfectly as possible before we die. But that’s just lame and boring, isn’t it?

Robin Williams knew that. And that’s why was my hero growing up. He lived to make others laugh, he always found the funny, and I have always attempted to model my ridiculousness and my humor… my madness… after his. I won’t write much more about him because enough people already have, but also because my words could never do justice for what my heart feels about him. I can’t describe the sadness I felt when I heard for the first time that he died, but I can describe how happy I’ve been to have him as my hero. In fact, I started to do so the very moment I published my first blog post. His philosophy on life and laughter and tears bleeds through every word I write. And he, ever so wonderfully, sums up my point.

Robin Williams said it best.

Robin Williams said it best.